Fatal error: Call to undefined function myfunction()


Fatal error: Call to undefined function myfunction() in /www/myproject/index.php on line 1345

Error type: fatal error


Page parsing fails and you receive that message in the output. If display_errors is set to Off in php.ini you will need to check error logs for the message.

Sample Code:

$id = $_GET[‘id’];


You are attempting to call a function which does not exist. If you are trying to call a function that you have defined yourself, then make sure that the script has access to it, or if it is a standard PHP function, check  your spelling  and make sure you have the necessary extensions.


Check the file with error indicated in the error output and make sure you didn’t misspell the function name.

If that function is defined in a different file make sure that you include (using include/require) before you call it.

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